Spatial Humanities Working Group @ UNM

University of New Mexico

Spatial Humanities
Working Group

We provide an informal setting in which students and faculty across the university can meet to discuss theoretical, conceptual, and methodological questions regarding space and human societies.


We provide an interdisciplinary space for research feedback, for both students and faculty. Whether conceptualizing a new spatial project or polishing an existing article, our works-in-progress meetings flow naturally from our participants’ interests and provide perspectives from our diverse disciplinary trainings. Works-in-progress also include syllabi!

Future Collaborations

By bringing together faculty from several different departments, we are much better able to recognize our mutual areas of overlap (whether geographical, theoretical, methodological, etc.) We use our meetings not only to critique and comment on each others' work, but to build collaborations between participants that will push spatial research in new directions.

Humanities + GIS

We deliberately bridge the gap between qualitative approaches to space predominant in the humanities with more technical approaches at the core of GIScience.